Hierarchical, intelligent and automatic controls

B. De Schutter, J. Ploeg, L.D. Baskar, G. Naus, and H. Nijmeijer, "Hierarchical, intelligent and automatic controls," Chapter 5 in Handbook of Intelligent Vehicles (A. Eskandarian, ed.), London, UK: Springer, ISBN 978-0-85729-084-7, pp. 81-116, 2012.

We present a survey on traffic management and control frameworks for Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (IVHS). First, we give a short overview of the main currently used traffic control methods that can be applied in IVHS. Next, various traffic management architectures for IVHS such as PATH, Dolphin, Auto21 CDS, etc. are briefly discussed and a comparison of the various frameworks is presented. Subsequently, we focus on control of vehicles inside a platoon, and we present a detailed discussion on the notion of string stability. Next, we consider higher-level control of platoons of vehicles. Finally, we present an outlook on open problems and topics for future research.

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