Input signal design for identification of max-plus-linear systems

G. Schullerus, V. Krebs, B. De Schutter, and T. van den Boom, "Input signal design for identification of max-plus-linear systems," Automatica, vol. 42, no. 6, pp. 937-943, June 2006.

Max-plus-linear systems efficiently describe the dynamics of event time sequences of a class of discrete event systems. The present contribution addresses the problem of designing adequate input signals for state space identification of max-plus-linear systems. It is shown that the input signal design problem can be rewritten as a set of upper bound constraints and therefore solved using an existing algorithm. This input signal design method allows to incorporate additional objectives and constraints, e.g. minimum or maximum input event separation, time order constraints, etc., which are desirable or even required for the input signals and the resulting process behavior.

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